ACO CLARA Automatic

To reduce the volume of work related to operation, the ACO Clara can be equipped with a control unit. This enables automatic drainage of surplus sludge as well as removal of sludge floating on the surface in the final sedimentation tank.

Note: ACO Clara 48-96 Concrete, ACO Clara 60-120 Concrete, ACO Clara 96-192 Concrete, and ACO Clara 120-240 Concrete are equipped with a control unit in basic versions as well.

Box for outdoor installation of the blower

Wherever the blower cannot be installed in a utility room of a building (garage, etc.), we offer robust plastic or concrete boxes for outdoor installation of the blower without any risk of damage, overheating, or theft. Boxes can be designed both for above-ground and underground installation.

2Aa_obr. 003_Box for outdoor installation_pouze print screen

Sand filtration – final treatment

For all applications that put special emphasis on the quality of treated water, the technological line can be equipped with fully automatic sand filtration.

2Aa_obr. 005_Sand filtration ÔÇô final_pouze print screen


If the plant cannot be filled with activated sludge upon start-up, we recommend using the START Pack, which contains substances that support fast formation of organic components in the plant, which significantly speeds up the initiation of the treatment process. When added regularly, it helps to keep the biological system of the wastewater treatment plant in excellent condition.

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