Water Maker WM3

ACO WM3 is a water treatment unit with extremely low energy consumption designed for recycling wastewater from wasterwater treatment plants as potable water. With a physical size comparable to that of a small domestic refrigerator it produces Drinking Water and technological Pure Water in a range of capacities. This device is equipped with the RCS System and all other special features supplied as the standard in this class for ensuring perfect purity and sterility of water.

ACO WM3 – THASMS (hybrid technology of asymmetric selective membrane separation) can treat any type of input water and effectively removes all forms of biological, bacteriological, mineral, gas or toxic contamination. The treatment process converts treated effluent water by purification into the equivalent of pure, clear springwater. This is achieved purely by the physical processes of the system with no requirement for any chemicals.

ACO WM3 offers unrivalled benefits

  • High-efficiendy water purifying technology
  • Suitable as a grey water treatment solution, subject to specification
  • Produces water for any use: demineralised (sensitive technical/sanitary applications) or potable drinking water
  • Highly affordable compared to traditional solutions. Reduced likelihood of membrane blockage means less pressure to pump the water through the system
  • Electronic monitoring & control
  • Small units, they can be modified to fit any system
  • Works with all word standard voltagespower source including solar
  • Environmental benefits of reduced water pollution and sustainable water use

The ACO Marine WM3 purifier range is suitable for use effectively recycle treated wastewater effluent into drinking water, or high quality technical water for such applications as general surface cleaning, laundry, showering, toilet flushing, engine cooling – indeed any fresh water requirement.

Amazing Purity

Regardless of the source of the water to be treated, 100% sterility of the treated water is guaranteed and closely monitored by the control system. The water is sterilised more that times by a combination of several technologies, including non-chemical sterilisation by ozone, all of which combine to destroy any bacteriological and biological contamination. A special function of the WM3 unit even removes dead bacteria. The entire process is based on physical, natural processes controlled by the integral computer and our in-house software. The resultant water contains no bacteria (living or dead), undesirable metals and toxins nor any biological, gaseous or other forms of pollutan.

Water produced by ACO WM3 unit is pure, mineral balanced, potable water. ACO WM3 can as well remove minerals to produce technical distilled water if required.

The ACO WM3 sterilisation procees is so effective all types of produced water can be stored in holding tanks for at least 120 days without any further treatment.

Typical forms of pollutant encountered wastewater

  • Pathogens: (giardia lamblia, salmonella, shigella, typhoid, yersinin enterocolitica, viral hepatitis & others)
  • Non-metallic contaminants: (phosphates, nitrogen and others)
  • Metallic contaminants: (aluminum, arsenic, barium, cadmium, copper, chromium, iron, lead, lithium, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, silver, uranium, and zinc)
  • Non-metallic contaminants: (acids, ammonia, nitrate, phosphates, boron, chloride, cyanide, fluoride, radium, selenium, sulfates and various radioactive isotopes)
  • Synthetic organic cntaminants: (pharmaceutical drugs, chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons and polychlorinated bi-phenols (PCBs) and others)

Effluent values and treatment standards

Standards Untreated ACO WM3 values
Coliform bacteria [n/100 ml] FM 0.45 um, m-Endo agar LES, 35 °C, 18-24 h 1 800 000 0
Total suspended solids [mg/l] EN 872 3 960 0.5
BOD [mg/l] SM (Standard Methods) 5210 D 2 137 0.4
COD [mg/l] SM 5220 D 9 815 2.9
N – ammonia (ppm) EN ISO 14911 1 630 16
E.coli (cfu/100 ml) FM 0.45 um, TBX medium, 44 °C, 18-24 h, recount 100 0