ACO Clara Home C

Wastewater Treatment Plant

2Aa_obr. 002_ACO Clara 3-240 Product Catalogue EN 8b

2Aa_obr. 008_ACO Clara 3-240 Product Catalogue EN 8b

Treatment processes

  • Mechanical pre-treatment
  • Biological treatment by activated sludge
  • Sludge separation in final sedimentation tank

Treatment efficiency

A long-term trial run in accordance with the European standard EN 12566-3, performed in an accredited laboratory, has shown the following discharge values:

BOD₅………………………………..6.7 mg/l

COD……………………………….59.6 mg/l

TSS…………………………………..6.1 mg/l

N-NH₄……………………………….2.0 mg/l



  • Maximum flexibility
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy installation
  • Easy operation
  • Arranged service
  • Odour-proof cover

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ACO Clara wastewater treatment plants comply with the European standard EN 12566-3, which is proven by a CE certificate.

10 years guarantee!

We guarantee the quality of our work. We are the only company on the market to offer a 10 – year guarantee for static properties and water resistance of all our tanks. We trust the materials we use, and we are not ashamed to sign our name to our work.

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Technical information

2Aa_obr. 002_ACO Clara 3-240 Product Catalogue EN 8b

Technical Information
ACO Clara Home C 2 – 5 5 – 10
Nominal size in PE 4 8
Hydraulic load [mᶟ/day] 0.60 1.20
Biological load BSK₅ [kg/day] 0.24 0.48
Length L [mm] 1240 1470
Height H [mm] 2060 2290
Weight [kg] 2850 4200
Sizing, hydraulic and biological capacity
ACO Clara Home C 2 – 5 5 – 10
Nominal size in PE 4 8
Nominal hydraulic load [mᶟ/day] 0.60 1.20
Nominal biological load BOD₅ [kg/day] 0.24 0.48
Range of usage
Number of persons 2 – 5 5 – 10
Hydraulic load [mᶟ/day] 0.30 – 0.75 0.75 – 1.50
Biological load BOD₅ [kg/day] 0.12 – 0.30 0.30 – 0.60
Technical data
ACO Clara Home C 2-5 5-10
Diameter D [mm] 1 240 1 470
Height H [mm] 2 060 2 290
Weight [kg] 4 200 4 200
Power supply [V/Hz] 230/50 230/50
Pover input [kW] 0.06 0.06
Article number 411153 411166



Box for outdoor installation of the blower

Wherever the blower cannot be installed in a utility room of a building (garage, etc.), we offer robust plastic or concrete boxes for outdoor installation of the blower without any risk of damage, overheating, or theft. Boxes can be designed both for above-ground and underground installation.

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Sand filtration – final treatment

For all applications that put special emphasis on the quality of treated water, the technological line can be equipped with fully automatic sand filtration.

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If the plant cannot be filled with activated sludge upon start-up, we recommend using the START Pack, which contains substances that support fast formation of organic components in the plant, which significantly speeds up the initiation of the treatment process. When added regularly, it helps to keep the biological system of the wastewater treatment plant in excellent condition.

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