10 years guarantee!
We guarantee the quality of our work. We are the only company on the market to offer a 10-year guarantee for static properties and water resistance of all our tanks. We trust the materials we use, and we are not ashamed to sign our name to our work.

Easy installation

Forget the trouble, mess and complicated work. It is comfortable, cheap, and simple. All you need is a 230/400 V socket and a suitable site. Whatever size you choose, the conditions will not change. Underground water, deep installation, or transport cannot take us by surprise. We know what we do.

Low operating costs

Our wastewater treatment plants are made of first-class materials and components. Their durability and reliability guarantee the smoothest possible operation. Modern technologies ensure low frequency of sludge removal and low energy consumption.

Easy operation

The plant works almost by itself. All you have to do is perform occasional checks. ACO wastewater treatment plants are absolutely reliable. They will only need no more than a few minutes of your time. No repairs, no maintenance.

Odour-proof cover

Our odour-proof cover will not let anything out. Nobody will even notice your ACO plant. Moreover, the covers are made with much emphasis on design. We know that the cover is the only part of the plant you can see. Therefore, we have paid special attention to it.

Maximum flexibility

Everybody will choose from the ACO Clara product line. From simple solutions for family houses to large wastewater treatment plants for companies or hotels. ACO Clara will find its place anywhere. In the garden or on a busy road, at petrol stations or on access roads… There is no place that ACO Clara would not fit in.

Arranged service

We are here for you from the very beginning. We will recommend the suitable type and size of the plant, train the operator and, if you wish, supervise and assist the installation. Extended service warranty is taken for granted. We put the greatest emphasis on fast and professional action.